Transparent plastic tube, 400ml, with scale Suitable for 310ml to 400ml 1K cartridges or sausage packs Also available on request with aluminum tube. Color Black, turquoise Other colors on request Drive Extrusion rate: G= 2.9mm/pump Extrusion force ~1400N (at a manual force of 10kg) Application example: auto repairs, window pane adhesive (high-viscosity products)... Other drives on request Benefits Symmetry drive (patented). Two drive plates and double brake plates made of high-strength steel, moving in symmetry, ensure an optimal extrusion rate. The toggle transmission ensures optimal transfer of power to the drive plates. Wear-free, hardened drive rods and pusher plates. Professional cartridge cradle Three mechanical step-up ratios available Custom colors on request Packaging Individually packed in PE bags 12 units per box 470mm x 310mm x 250mm

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