Cut and Manhole Gaskets - D 4.2

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Hand-, Head- and Manhole Gasket the Safety Gasket for Steam Boilers and Vessels Characteristics The new gasket quality novaSEAL HP is made out of a high performance, temperature, corrosion and chemical resistant woven fabric. Technical parameters Temperature: t = +250 °C Pressure: p = 40 bar Main application Steam Boilers Container in round and oval shapes Gasket Characteristics Surface pressure: min. 5 N/mm 2, max. 35 N/mm 2 Recommended boiler heating gradient: max. 2 °C /min Pay attention to assembly instruction (added to each single gasket)! Suitable for Safety Gasket for Steam Boilers and Vessels Approvals Boiler water/Media resistance: TRD 611 Component designation: TÜV.D.99-001.C Form of delivery Special dimensions in cross section 15 x 8 mm or 25 x 10 mm are available on request. Standard dimensions (mm) 80x110x15x8 100x150x15x8 115x165x15x8 80x120x15x8 120x150x15x8 120x160x15x8 90x120x15x8 110x150x15x8 200x300x25x10 150x200x15x8 280x380x25x10...