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Cyber Investigations - Cyber Investigative Solutions and Intelligence Services


Cyber Investigative Solutions are providing customized Private Cyber Investigator Services and Cyber Investigative Solutions for cases: Reputation & Brand Investigations Internet Defamation Copyright & Trademark Sextortion & Privacy Invasion Computer Crime Investigations Celebrities, V.I.P., Executives Hacked Identity Theft & Credit Card Fraud Internet Fraud & Online Scams (Scamming) Cyber Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Cyber-Mobbing (Harassment) Corporate Investigations (e.g. CEO-Fraud, Social Engineering) Deep Web Intelligence Services Cyber Extortion Integrated Investigations (Field & Cyber Investigations) Investment scams - Due Diligence (Field & Cyber Due Diligence) Fraud with Fake Online-Shops, Fake-Lottery, Inheritance-Scam, false billing, Travel prize, Charities, Dating & Romance, Jobs etc. Internet Monitoring Services We were on the investigative cases worth more than 2 USD billion.