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Industrial dust collection systems 50 to micro particles with retention of 100m 3 / h 30,000 ten 3 / h is produced much. It also extends the life of the filter when used before the cartridge filter. Optionally, it can continuously discharge automatically thanks to the air lock. Various capacity combinations are also obtained by connecting in parallel. It is used for cleaning air and gases with high particle density. It is used for the separation and collection of fine-grained materials with optimum pressure losses. Provides high collection efficiency.The dusty gas entering the cyclone at high speed tangentially from the cyclone inlet is given a helical flow form through the cyclone construction, and the particles with higher density than the carrier medium are directed to the cyclone walls by centrifugal force. Particles that lose their inertia due to the sudden change in speed in the cyclone flow through the cyclone wall and flow into the lower conical collection bunker.

Filters, liquid
  • Cartridge Cyclone
  • Cyclone Filter
  • Filter cartridge

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