The Cygnus 4+ UT Gauge has been designed for most hand-held industrial or shipping inspection applications and offers features such as A-scan display, simple to use sequential data logging and manual and automatic gain control. The gauge also incorporates 3 versatile measuring modes: multiple-echo for reliable and accurate through coating measurements and; single-echo and echo-echo for extreme corrosion and back wall pitting. ACCURATE: Uses the trusted Cygnus multiple-echo technique for accurate and reliable measurements through coatings up to 20 mm thick. RELIABLE: Featuring an A-scan display to help verify readings while using the MSI™ to indicate a stable measurement. VERSATILE: Along with the multiple-echo mode, the single-echo and echo-echo measuring modes are also incorporated for use in extreme corrosion and pitting. DATA LOGGING FACILITY: Enables hassle-free reporting and analysis through sequential data logging and CygLink software.

Ultrasonic measuring equipment
  • datalogger
  • metal thickness gauge
  • Non-destructive tests