Cygnus 6+ offers a range of key features for the professional user, including: A-scan and B‑scan displays; comprehensive data logging; manual and automatic gain control; Bluetooth connectivity and; three versatile measuring capabilities - multiple-echo, single-echo and echo-echo modes. The gauge also offers two displays - a bright colour LCD display for hand-held applications and an end-mounted rotatable OLED display. ACCURATE: Uses the trusted Cygnus multiple-echo technique for accurate and reliable measurements through coatings up to 20 mm thick. RELIABLE: Featuring A-scan and B-scan displays to help verify readings while MSI™ indicates stable readings. DATA LOGGING FACILITY: Enables hassle-free reporting and analysis through comprehensive data logging offering three available formats - sequential, grid and template. TRANSFERABLE: Records easily and transfers data via the gauge USB port or Bluetooth™ to Cyglink software where data can then be exported as a CSV or PDF file.

Measurement - Equipment & Instruments
  • equipment for non-destructive tests on metals
  • metal thickness gauge
  • tank inspection

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