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Cylindrical Magnetron - Cylindrical Magnetron Sputtering Cathode


Angstrom Sciences offers state-of-the-art magnetrons for virtually any standard sputtering process. But we know that every application is different. That’s why we’ve developed a unique, modular approach that specifically adapts to your specifications. Cylindrical Magnetrons have long been trusted in the glass coating industry to create uniform thin films while maximizing target utilization. Now, Angstrom Sciences has created a compact, lightweight, and economical cylindrical magnetron specifically designed to offer these same advantages to Flat Panel Display, Solar Cell, and Web Coating applications. Custom Designs Complete assemblies are available from 3" to 6" in target diameter. Cylindrical Magnetron Side Mount Angstrom Economical and Fully-Compatible Investment The ONYX-Revolution™ utilizes a universal and cost-effective magnet design with customized turnarounds to fit any target type. And, it is designed with off-the-shelf components for low-cost, long-term investment.