Dalian Youmai Mechanical and Electrical ProductS Co., Ltd. has been supplying bearings for BARMAG for many years and has helped our customers save a lot of costs. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. Winder# Computer# Bearing# d*D*B(mm) ATI614R/12 Z904754400 BN17-6TVV Φ17×Φ35×13 ATI614C/12 Z904754300 BN25-10TVV Φ25×Φ47×16 ATI615R/12 MB1369-01001 BN30-5TVV Φ30×Φ55×17 ATI615C/16 MM77H99128ZZ0 BN35-8TVV Φ35×Φ61×18.5/34 ATI6 M86H131K01 BN35-10TVV Φ35×Φ62×18.5 ACW-4T/5T 1-005-0658 D25752/2 Φ55×Φ90×23 ACW-4T/5T 13061970 D25753/5 Φ50×Φ90×23 ACW-4T/5T D258537 D258537 Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 ACW-4T/5T 7804068 780406/8 Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 ACW-4T/5T 801388A HS 7008E 26W Φ40×Φ68×15 ACW-5-295 E-000-1016 ACW-5-295 Φ25×Φ55.5×37/44 ACW4T-1380/24 F-553484 F553484 Φ25×Φ37×21.4

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