D38999 / MIL-DTL-38999-Series III

Vibration proof circular connectors for RF- and signal contacts


Highly reliable connectors. Solutions for RF and signal contacts in any operating environment. A new connector generation using MIL-DTL-38999 Series III technology. Meets the high requirements for equipment in civil aviation and aerospace electronic systems as well as industrial facilities and the military sector. Ideal where higher availability is important. The connectors are resistant against environmental impact and corrosion. Most modern development and new materials, e.g. new elastomers on a silicone basis make the series unbeatable when ruggedness, sustainability, high temperatures and vibration resistance are required.

Product features

Coupling: threaded (triple thread ratchet coupling) 
IP 67
-65 to +200°C (nickel-plated)
3 to 128 contacts
Crimp or printed circuit board contacts (PCB)
Current: 3 to 23 A
Voltage up to 50 V
Surface plating cadmium olive drab, nickel, zinc-nickel black (others on request)

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