See us for this valuable and high-in-demand baby food product. This highly nutritious baby product is designed to help teething infants cope with the unease of growing teeth. It is also intended to act as a wonderful and great tasting snack which babies love. The product is available in three flavors of natural, banana, as well as cocoa. The package is designed specifically for the newborn market and to attract attention and sales. DANALAC baby teething biscuits are made to easily dissolve in baby’s mouth and should be suitable for infants from six months old and up (under pediatrician’s direction of course). DANALAC biscuits can also be soaked in warm water or milk which will be great for spoonfeeding infants. Our baby biscuits are a wonderful addition to our collection of baby food solutions. We intend to help you in designing your market strategy to succeed in your local market.

Milk substitutes for babies
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