The COACH-II, is a new generation of electronic data logging, monitoring and management system for overhead travelling cranes (EOT); adaptable to other types of crane. It is designed to optimize the maintenance with full knowledge of mechanical stress during use. It can be used as a “flight recorder” tracing the history of all recent movements. APPLICATIONS The COACH-II of SENSY is perfectly designed to the following applications:: Survey and monitoring of overhead travelling cranes (EOT). CAPACITIES : - Hourly recording on a duration of 25 years of : o Upward (ascent) , downward (descent), long travel (translatory) and short travel (trolley direction) o Number of inching o Lifted load’s spectrum and Overloads - Recording of sequences of recent movements (6 months) - SWP (Safe Working Period) calculation). - Display on front color touch screen : (Lifted load, movements, SWP, alarms, temperatures,etc..) - Alarm’s detection and management (overloads, SWP, etc…) with activation of a relay - Detection of wire break of the analog input - Protection against overvoltage and reverse polarity at the analog input - Coach-II Programming and data retrieval via the USB stick or via Ethernet (option) - COACH-II is supplied with the COACH-VIEW (configuration and analysis data by visualizing by means of graphs and tables)

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