A further variation of the "Throw-Away" system is type 230. It consists of continuously wound DBS-spiral brushes fitted to a thin walled steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal tubular shaft. The face width corresponds to the required total brush legth (BLG). The complete "Throw-Away" brushes can be simply assembled onto the customer's existing shaft. This method avoids the costly return of the complete shafts when the brushes have to be replaced. Core systems The complete "Throw-away" brushes type 230 can be supplied with adaptors to reduce the core inside diameter (KD) i. e. brushes with or without collar with suitable arbor holes (AL) for the different core systems WK1 and WK2. Our roller brushes are supplied with a fill surface perfectly trimmed and/or ground for concentricity. The brushes with adaptor or bushes are electro-dynamically balanced at the intended rotation speed according to standard G 2.5 as per ISO 1940

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