Winding drives via DC Controller and AC Controller performance range from 0.5 - 200 kW electronically regulated programmable adjustable winding characteristic „F“ constant - „Md“ constant Winding-up with DC/ AC motors Most of the flexible products of a running production or processing may be stored in a winder. For the winding the most different winding methods are applied: central winding winding and unwinding via dancer or floating roller winding and unwinding through tension measurement winding and unwinding by contact-winding speed-determining winding winding with adjustable winding characteristic Please contact us for helping you to select and calculate the winding drive being suitable for your purposes. For the design of a winding drive the following operating data are necessary: material speed of the goods V : (m/min) tensile force F : (N) sleeve diameter d : (mm) roll diameter D : (mm) operating voltage/frequency U/f : (V/Hz) motor design and protection class

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