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DC-TYPE / DOUBLE-ACTING SHOCK ABSORBER Verified by Europages badge

Industrial Shock Absorber


The COMPENSER® of the DC-series is an ideal hydraulic shock reducing element especially for the application field of storage technology (storage and retrieval machines). As a doubleacting buffer, this industrial shock absorber can be used in a spacesaving manner due to its design and can be actuated alternately from both sides. The constructive design and function corresponds to the C-Type. Furthermore, due to its low reset force, it can easily be pressed in at creep speed during operation. As optional equipment PU caps as inserts for the impact cap for the reduction of impact noise and a monitoring of the piston rod‘s position (by either magnetic or inductive sensors) are available. If only a slight increase of reset force of the piston rod over the entire stroke is desired, an additional external accumulator can be fitted to the cylinder to increase the gas volume of the gas spring. Hence the reset force decreases in retracted state.

Product information

Installation position
Energy absorption
up to 240 kNm
housing galvanized (standard) or painted, piston rod hard chrome-plated (standard)
-40 to +80 °C
Reset force