Applications Galvanically isolated DC-DC converter of the latest generation with ultra-wide input voltage range. The reduction of the switch-on threshold to only 5V is possible. The unipolar output voltage is well within the range of 5VDC to 400VDC. The independent current regulation and voltage regulation enable constant current operation as well as constant voltage operation so that the DC-Transformer can be used as a CC-CV charging converter in numerous systems and applications. Parallel connection is also easy to handle thanks to "output current balancing". Scope of application: fuel cell, supercapacitor, battery powered systems. Features Auf- und Abwärtswandler ohne Trennung sehr niedrige Eingangs-Spannungswelligkeit dauerhaft leerlauf- und kurzschlussfest für Umgebungstemperaturen von -40°C bis +85°C thermische Abschaltung bei +90°C für aktive Lasten, kann parallelgeschaltet werden integrierter EMI Ein- und Ausgangsfilter kein Leistungsderating wärmeableitende...

Product features

ultrawide input voltage range 10 ... 100 VDC
very high efficiency up to 97%
input surge voltage 125 VDC
output voltage / max. output current 24.0 VDC /15.0 ADC

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