The TSPro diagnostic device is connecting the world of mobile devices and personal computing. As the current trend is to perform vehicle diagnostics using a laptop or a PC the TSPRO device is fully compliant with this type of workflow. A personal computer offers user friendly graphical interface for diagnosing vehicles and can also be used together with information systems, such as Vivid Workshop. The main advantage of the the new TSPro Color is that the device merges advantages of mobile diagnostic devices with PC-based diagnostic tools. TSPro Color is equipped with a colorful touch-screen and a simple keyboard, meaning that users can perform car diagnostics in challenging situation outside workshop and even without a personal computer. When connected to a PC all diagnostic functions are available via a computer program. In this mode the TSPro Color serves as a converter between the vehicles ECU and your PC. TFT 5.7" COLOR DISPLAY

Vehicle maintenance products
  • oscilloscopes
  • diagnostic equipment
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