DIFHEMI - EXCLUSIVE AND MULTIFACETED Manufactured by Brascoelma and brought to you by the joint-venture, DIFHEMI heaters are high-technology equipment capable of heating any fluid by electromagnetic induction. The device operates on a different principle because in addition to being versatile, and making it possible to heat any type of fluid, it is non-pollutant, it does not generate useless energy losses, and it reduces operational and implementation costs, the heating process’s performance and efficiency being raised to up to 98%. It is the leader and, worldwide, it is the most-efficient product in existence exploiting the conversion of electrical energy to heat. HOW DO THEY WORK?Employing the principle of electromagnetic induction, DIFHEMI heaters generate heat through the magnetism created in the grain-oriented steel nucleus, the heat being transferred to the stainless-steel tubes through which the fluids circulate.

Induction heating systems
  • acid solution heater
  • thermal fluid heaters
  • Petroleum - heavy derivatives
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