The precision calibration unit combines high accuracy, low drift, low noise and superior long-term stability with multiple functionality and simple operation. Ramps, Δ+/Δ-, and multiple setpoint storage make the operation of the device easier for the user. For that reason the application possibilities are many: — Calibration of current and DC-voltage meters — Precise testing of thermocouple temperature measuring instruments — Calibration of controllers, sensors, detection devices and other devices used in process control — Open-loop process control with the aid of integrated ramp function Features: — High precision current and voltage source ± 52 mA, ± 30 V — Option: ± 22 mA, ± 60 V — Precision simulation for all conventional thermocouple types (optional) — Error limit 0.003 % Rdg. — Standard with RS232 and IEEE488 interface, USB and Ethernet (optional) — Current "SINK"

Calibration equipment
  • calibrator
  • precision calibrator
  • calibration

Product features

DC voltage simulation 30 V, 3 V, 300 mV, 60 V (Option)
Measurem. accuracy voltage simulation 0.003 %
DC voltage measurement No
DC current simulation 52 mA (22 mA)
Measurem. accuracy current simulation 0.007 %
DC current measurement No
Thermocouples simulation Yes
RTD simulation No
Interfaces RS232 IEEE488
Supply voltage 230 V/45 -65 Hz / 115 V/45 - 65 Hz

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