The D-NAMIC wheels are manufactured through a new vacuum - dryer - high pressure process, entirely developed by DC, which results in the higher quality wheel in its range of products, and the only one to be covered by a lifetime warranty against the de-bonding of the Polyurethane tyre from the wheel centre. The Polyurethane tyre grant a high cut and tear propagation resistance, is mechanically bonded to the wheel core, and the coupling is further strengthened by a surface adhesion which is obtained without the use of any glue or chemical bonding. The D-NAMIC wheels can be fitted into a specific series of brackets for which are specifically studied and produced to fulfill the extremely wide variability of conditions to which they are submitted, for both industrial and food industry. D-NAMIC are recommended on trolleys for food industry and chemical industry, industrial trolleys, equipment and trolleys for meat and fish industry, slaughterhouses and textile industry.

Wheels, castors and rollers
  • polyurethane wheels
  • food industry wheels
  • accessories for the food industry