Docer is a repair pole made of rigid and durable profile metalworking shapers, equipped with a sheet metal chain and a hydraulic cylinder. It can work independently and be used in the car-body repair workshop for minor vehicle's body repairs. Tinsmiths are also used during major repairs of passenger car bodies, vans as well as l vehicle's frames and cabins of trucks, fixing them on car-body repair benches. Repair poles – must have equipment of every car-body repair workshop The equipment of the car-body repair workshop will not be complete without specialized repair poles, used to pull and straighten deformed elements of car bodies. The stretched car- body element is connected to the docer- pole by a chain and repaired through it using a hydraulic pump and actuator. Our offer includes independently functioning two-clutcher 'docer' repair poles. Thanks to their small dimensions, easy installation and simple operation, they allow for basic repairs even in a small workshop space.

Towing and repair equipment
  • vehicle's body repairs equipments
  • Docer
  • minor car-body repair equipment
  • Repair poles


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