In the ink jet segment the EBS 1500 is known for it's simple but efficient handling. The printer can get equipped with a bunch of different printheads, optional from 16 nozzles up to 128 nozzles. Expressed in font height this means from 6 mm up to 230 mm. With our EBS-1500 you can operate up to 6 printheads with one controller. This is a big advantage for companies with several parallel production lines. It is possible to print a different project with each head. It's even able to work with pigmented inks. This brings you the maximum contrast for difficult materials. The EBS 1500 combines word processing with graphics, barcodes and data matrix codes in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. With features such as IP54 protection and the ability to connect up to 6 print heads to one controller, this coder is the right tool for large production lines and harsh conditions.

Electric and electronic components - machines for manufacturing

Product features

Technique DOD inkjet
Configuration benchtop

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