DOUBLE CONE BLENDER MACHINE PM2 - Pharmaceutical Double cone Blender

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Is widely used in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Chemical industries etc. It is suitable for mixing dry powder or granular materials with perfect flowing properties. Servo conveyor system Base holds the mixing vessel which made of stainless steel (304) Cylindrical vessel with two conical bases. The vessel rotates on horizontal axis. And the Inner edges wrapped to prevent accumulation of the material. Circular cover, sealed with silicone gasket Discharge hole fitted with manual butterfly valve Guardrail (Profile) connected to a safety sensor to prevent the vessel from rotation while opening the rail Sensor system stops the mixer in the desired position (The discharge hole to the bottom) Available certification up on your request: UL, CE, GMP, FDA, ASME. Available documents up on your request: I.Q (Installation qualification), O.Q Operational qualification), P.Q Performance qualification.

Product information

Design Type
Compact design
blending Technology
Double cone
Product type