Acrylic foam tapes are engineered to provide assembly solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. These high performance tapes are ideal for replacing mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives, spot welds and other permanent fasteners. Acrylic foam tapes create permanent, reliable bonds to a variety of substrates including metals, glass, plastics, composite materials and painted surfaces. They are able to maintain adhesion at sub-zero temperatures, accommodate thermal movement and will not absorb moisture or become brittle with age. All our products are flexible and comformable. Key benefits: Long lasting strength Excellent sealing properties Resistant to Ultra Violet light Reduce labour and material costs Abrasion, corrosion and moisture resistant No pull through, dimpling, rivet or well distortion Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments Bonds dissimilar and low energy substrates Excellent ageing and weathering properties Dampens vibration and noise

Tapes, adhesive
  • vhb tapes
  • acrylic foam tapes
  • double sided tapes

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