DOWSIL Insulating Glass Sealant


Application DOWSIL 3545 insulating glass silicone sealant is a onecomponent sealant for insulating glass with immediate strength, which enables fast handling of the sealed units. Properties and benefits:  High-strength one-component alkoxy silicone technology  Wide range of applications  Resistant to UV, ozone and weather  Meets the requirements of EN1279 part 2/4  Service temperature range -50°C to +150°C  Excellent adhesion to glass and diverse spacers (e.g. aluminium, stainless steel)  Non-corrosive cure  Solvent-free, low odour  Low water absorption  High level of mechanical properties  Contains no organic plasticisers that can cause fogging of the IG air space  High elastic recovery and high strength to limit the movement of the butyl  Fast build-up of strength and high durability due to temperature, ozone and UV resistance  For manual and automated application

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