DOWSIL Structual Glazing Sealant


Application Single component silicone sealant for static bonding in buildings (structural glazing). Very good adhesion to coated glass (Hart-Coatings) as well as to anodised or coated aluminium or stainless steel profiles. Properties Neutral cross-linked single component sealant. High tensile strength and exceptional mechanic properties are the features of DOWSIL 895. Durable, flexible and water-proof adhesion after curing with excellent weathering resistance. Fares very well against UV radiation in a wide range of temperatures. DOWSIL 895 complies with the European standard for structural glazing application developed by the EOTA Working Group (ETAG no. 002). Application temperature from +5°C to +40°C, working time 15 min., skin formation in 40 to 60 min. at 23°C/77F, 50% RH. DOWSIL 895 is suitable for application temperatures from -50°C to +150°C.

Waterproofing construction products
  • Structual Glazing

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