The DRS ZIP-ZIP High-Speed Drain Cleaning machines: FLEET model & REVOLUTION model For plumbers, contractors, and sewer & drain professionals 2,800.00 USD (FLEET) & 3,950.00 (REVOLUTION) Made of 100% aluminum, they are the ultimate root cutting and descaling machines. Each sewer and drain cleaning machine comes stock with 66' feet (20m) of either 1/2" inch or 10 mm diameter flexible shaft cable. Flexible shaft cable spins at 1,500-3,500 RPM Each DRS ZIP-ZIP sewer and drain cleaning machine holds up to 130' feet of flexible shaft cable. With our "T-slider quick connectors" it is possible to add more flexible shaft cable length to the 66' feet of stock cable, and this up to 130' feet. We also offer 5/16" (8mm) cables for 1.5" - 2" inch drain cleaning. Contact us to inquire. ** Ask for a quote **

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