D-SUB Combination connector

D-SUB Combination Plug connector 7W2


Combination D-SUB Plug connector 7W2 The Combination D-SUB connectors can be used in a wide variety of applications. Different combinations of contact styles like signal, high power, high voltage and coaxial contacts, are possible within one connector. The advantage of these connectors is, by combination of different contact styles within one connector, space and cost savings at the IO interface area could be reached. In general the connectors are supplied with signal contacts up to the crimp version. The high current, high voltage and coaxial contacts can be ordered separately or they can be factory assembled ordered.

Connectors, electronic
  • Combination D-SUB
  • Coaxial contact
  • Power contacts

Product features

Shell Shell: Steel tin plated, brass tin plated or stainless steel available on request
Layouts 5W1, 2W2C, 3W3, 3W3C, 7W2, 11W1, HD 19W1, 5W5, 9W4, 13W3, 17W2, 21W1, HD 15W4, 8W8, 13W6, 17W5, 21WA
Termination Solder pin straight/angled, press-fit, solder cup, crimp
Quality class Quality class 3 (A) also in quality calss 1 (C) = 500 mating cycles oder quality class 2 ( B) = 200
Current rating Standard up to 7,5 A (Signal) 40 A (Power)
Current rating High Density up to 3 A (Signal) 40 A (Power)
Type D-SUB
Product category I/O

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