D-SUB Hoods

D-SUB Hoods and Accessories


The diversity of different applications and market requirements makes it necessary to offer a comprehensive line of hoods and backshells. The CONEC product line includes shielded hoods made of metal, plastic, metallized plastic and plastic with metal inserts. Connectors with high current or coaxial contacts require special hoods with adapted interiors. In these cases the height of the housing is particularly important to assure faultless seating of the contacts. The cable should exit from the hood or backshell without introducing any strain on the contacts. The input/output connector product line is supplemented by a wide array of accessories. The various caps, hardware and latches are available for use with these D-subminiature connectors, whether standard, high density, combination or filter designs are selected. Various materials and designs in plastic, steel or stainless steel, as well as M3 or 4-40 UNC thread designs, are deliverable as standard or on request.

Connectors, electronic
  • D-SUB hoods
  • hoods metallized
  • plastic hoods

Product features

Shell size 1-5
Shell material Metal, plastic, plastic metallized
cable entry straight, side, multiple
Fastening Withour screws, short screws, jack screws, for flat cable, cable to cable connection, with slide loc

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