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  • FlexPlateCleaner


    The new FlexPlateCleaner cleans and dries flexo plates using a fast, reliable and highly automated process. The plates are transported automatically into the cleaner.

  • Washing machine 3400-e

    Washing machine 3400-e

    The ex-proof and ATEX-compliant washing machine 3400-e is designed to gently and reliably clean even larger quantities of press parts, ink pans, doctor blades or buckets.

  • ROTOmaX-e


    The new ROTOmaX-e vaporizes and condenses used solvent in a sustainable process, minimizing the quantity of highly viscous waste. Once the solvent in the distillation vessel reaches a predefined level

  • Washing machine Type SKM

    Washing machine Type SKM

    Inside and outside cleaning of containers

  • Washing machine Type ROBUS

    Washing machine Type ROBUS

    For Internal cleaning of containers

  • Washing machine Type ROTO

    Washing machine Type ROTO

  •  Washing machine type PW

    Washing machine type PW

    Ink pumps with suction pipe and delivery hose can be cleaned in a closed circuit by pumping over solvent from the solvent reservoir supplied in the washing machine container

  • AniFlexCleaner


    For cleaning anilox rolls and sleeves

  • Washing machine Type SP

    Washing machine Type SP

  • Washing machine type 310

    Washing machine type 310

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