petroleumbased products, candles, ... SOLVENT DYES A dye is a substance that needs a certain affinity with the carrier on which it is being applied. Hence a bond is created and the colouring capacity emerges. Contrary to a pigment, a dye is a dissolvable colorant and the colouring capacity will only show when dissolved. Dyes always have an organic compound. For more than 5000 years, natural resources have been the base for dyes. Leafs, roots and berries are just some of the components. Nowadays, most of these components have been replaced by synthetic variants. Of course, special dyes are applied when considering nutrition. (E100-199) Some dyes can be transformed in pigments by applying iron salt in a solution. This will cause the formation of the pigment. However, pigments won in this way are often little UV-resistant. What are dyes? There exists a great number of dyes for a great number of applications. Dyes are usually categorised based on their properties. (e.g.

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