DYNEO DD Immersion Circulator

Immersion Circulators


DYNEO refrigerated circulators offer temperature ranges from -50 °C to +200 °C and are available in various performance classes. They are suitable for internal and external applications. DYNEO heat thermostats are divided into different Variants: Immersion thermostats for flexible use with different bath vessels and external applications. The DYNEO DD Immersion Circulator provides maximum flexibility and can be used in any bath tank up to 50 liters using the universal bath attachment clamp. DYNEO is equipped with USB interface. In addition DYNEO is available with RS232 or analog interface option.

Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • immersion circulator

Product features

Working temperature range °C +20 ... +200
Temperature stability °C ±0.01
Heating capacity kW 2
Circulation capacity / Flow rate ( l/min) 8...27
Circulation capacity / Pressure ( bar) 0.1...0.7
Dimensions W×L×H cm 13×16×36

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