Damask Rose


Scientific name: Rosa damascena Other names in English: Red rose. Cultivation mode: Wild collection\Cultivated In manufacturing: Pharmaceutical, Perfumery, Cosmetic, Skin care, Hair care, Lotion, Shampoo, Soap, Oil, Rosewater, Joss stick, Alcoholic drink, Beverages, Dairy, Spice, Candle, Extract, Confectionary Chemical Composition Citronellol (14.5–47.5%), nonadecane (10.5–40.5%), geraniol (5.5–18%), henicosane (7–14%). There are some studies on chemical compositions of rose water and rose absolute. Phenyl ethyl alcohol (78.4%), citronellol (9.9%), nonadecane (4.4%) and geraniol (3.7%) have been reported as the main compounds of rose absolute. Geraniol (30.7%), citronellol (29.4%), phenyl ethyl alcohol (23.7%) and nerol (16.1%) have been reported as the main components of rose water while heneicosane (19.7%), nonadecane (13%), tricosane (11.3%), citronellol (7.1%), geraniol (2%) and citronellal (2.2%) also have been reported as the main component of rose water. In study that is ... .

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