Total In-Line Quality Control ZUMBACH ® has the solution for all quality parameters which have to be monitored and/or controlled on line. USYS multi-tasking systems process measurement data from a variety of sensors and communicate with the user as well as other host computers. USYS processors also control extrusion lines or other manufacturing lines with intelligent self-adapting controllers, like for instance, SIGMA-EXPERT and CpK-Pilot. All quality parameters can be displayed. USYS processors are known to be masters at multi-tasking. Important features: Very easy to operate Fast Electrically stable and mechanically robust System protected from data loss or crashes Flexible configuration possible Depending on version, USYS fulfills a number of tasks, e.g.: Graphic/numerical display of all quality parameters Tolerance alarms Large product library Summaries of all kind Complete graphics, trends, SPC charts etc. SIGMA-EXPERT control and CpK-Pilot. Benefits: Total quality...

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