Data Loggers with Integrated Sensors - Water Level Logger for 1 Inch Pipes



The MikroLog2 is a miniaturised data logger for water level and temperature measurements. There are two models available - one combines water level and temperature and the other measures temperature only. Suitable fields of applications are wells, one inch pipes, drill holes (e. g. geothermal drilling) as well as open waters. The outstanding benefits of the MikroLog2 are its small diameter of only 16 mm and length of 110 mm, its long battery life, the large memory capacity and its excellent accuracy.The MikroLog2 is available with various measurement ranges between 1 and 50 bar which offers the appropriate range, including the ideal resolution and accuracy, for every measurement. It makes a continuous monitoring possible. Its logging interval can be configured between 1 second and 24 hours, and in fast mode even intervals of 2 Hz...32 Hz can be set.