Data Storage The NewView™ 7000 Series of 3D optical profiler provides fast, precise, non-contact process metrology of hard disk drive components such as read-write heads and disks. Read-Write Heads: Capabilities include characterization of magnetic thin-film heads, including pole-tip recession (PTR), air-bearing surface (ABS) flatness, and shallow-pad height. Hard Disk Media: Measurement of glass and aluminum disks for surface roughness, micro-waviness, and edge roll-off/dub-off. Additionally, ZYGO's Verifire™ Series of interferometers can measure in-process aluminum disks, before intergration into finished drives. Software analysis assesses RVA characteristics of disk blanks before polishing and applying coatings. Clamping stresses can also be analyzed by measuring flatness before and after disks are mounted to the hub.

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