Datapaq® Furnace Tracker for Controlled Atmosphere and Vacuum Brazing

Thermal Profiling Solutions
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The Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) and Vacuum Furnace Tracker Systems from Fluke Process Instruments feature the Datapaq TP6 data logger, a reflective or sealed for CAB thermal barrier, thermocouples and our intuitive Insight™ Software to create a complete solution. The CAB Furnace Tracker Systems featuring the TB4000 & TB4002 thermal barriers operate in environments up to 800°C (1472°F) and are designed for frequent use in the aggressive atmosphere present in this process. The Vacuum Brazing Furnace Tracker Systems, which include the VB1150 & VB1151 thermal barriers, make use of reflective plate technology to eliminate the need for insulation and ensure that out-gassing from the system is minimized so production is not disrupted when profiling. Both systems can be used to conduct temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) in compliance with CQI 29. Data Logger The Datapaq TP6 is the perfect solution for the most demanding high-temperature profiling applications

  • Infrared tubes
  • Datapaq Controlled
  • Atmosphere Datapaq

Product characteristics

USB or Bluetooth
Memory capacity
4 million data points
± 0.3 °C (0.5 °F) – Type K
± 0.1°C (0.18 °F)
Thermocouple type
Type K (J,N,T,R,S,B are available)
Multiple run capability
Up to 10 profile runs before returning to PC

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13127 Berlin - Germany