Date palm Korean Red Ginseng Sweet -



[ Date Palm Korean Red Ginseng Sweet ] Korean red ginseng whole root in acacia honey and fructo-oligosaccharide. And added date palm concentrate. - With a unique aroma and taste, and features a shape from head to tail. - It can help boost the immune system, increases stamina, enhances physical energy, and combats depression & fatigue. - It is good for when presented as gifts for your loved ones especially the elders. - No preservatives, no colorings, no flavorings; Made with clean basic ingredients - Made hygienically and safely in HACCP-certified facilities. Recommended for the following people - Those who need a healthy snack - Those who need more vitality - Employees who are exhausted from overwork - Student who are exhausted from studying - The elderly who have become frail - Hikers who need extra energy

Product information

Brand Name
Jecheon Ginseng Herb Inc.
Place of Origin
South Korea