Dead Sea Salt Fine 0.1 mm - Dead Sea Salt Fine 0.1 mm

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"History The Dead Sea is the deepest lake in the world. It lies between Israel and Jordan and is bounded by the Jordan Valley to the north and the Wadi Araba to the south. The lake lies in a valley 429 metres below sea level, making the Dead Sea coast the lowest land area on earth. With an average daily temperature of 40 degrees, there is virtually no precipitation, and the air is clear and free of smog and pollutants. The Dead Sea is called dead because of its high salt content, which prevents aquatic organisms from living. This high salt content makes bathing in the Dead Sea a beneficial activity for people with skin problems. The salty water has a therapeutic effect on the skin, hair and nails. The Dead Sea continues to sink every year, there is less and less water in the Dead Sea. Large areas remain that are virtually nothing but salt. This salt is virtually cut out and then traded as bath salt. How is table salt obtained? In its pure form, Dead Sea…"