Deburring case set FAPI-FIX


The deburring case set FAPI-FIX makes deburring, grinding and edge rounding of sheet metal parts very easy. The large selection of tools leads to a fast and high-quality machining result for every application. The deburring case set FAPI-FIX is delivered in a hard shell case and contains an angle grinder FAPI-UPC 2R, a round brush FAPI-SCRATCH, a sharpening stone FAPI-SHARP and 5 deburring discs FAPI-M14, with which you can freely choose between different grinding fleece quality and grain size of the grinding cloth for your application! Advantages Low to very strong edge rounding Constant uniform edge rounding over outer edges, cut-outs and drill holes Removal of the primary burr and subsequent rounding of the edges Low effort required by the user Variety of tools FAPI-FIX – Case for flexible mobile use Variants In order to react flexibly to the wishes of our customers and their areas of application, we have put together various variants of our deburring case set FAPI-FIX! With...

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