Decorative 3D Plaster Panels for commercial, residential and public spaces such as shopping malls, shops, hotels, offices, houses, cinemas, restaurants, airport lounge, and many more. The original design of textured plaster panels makes any interior so cozy, modern and luxurious. This will not only impress but also increase the price of the owner’s property. “Light gypsum” is an innovative technology BeautyWalls, which allows you to produce unique products. The panels are 40% lighter and stronger, meaning their transportation cheaper and operation more reliable. Panels are with additional of soundproofing and heat-insulating properties. Gypsum is ecologically natural material, that self-regulates the humidity in the room. Gypsum panels absorb excessive humidity, but if lacking it, they give it back. Thus, the walls “breathe in & out”, maintaining the optimal microclimate in the room, which is beneficial to health. 3D Panels are easy to mount following the the installation instructions.

Wall coverings
  • 3d wall panel / textured wall panels / wall tiles