Decorative Cafe & Restaurant Tiles

Custom Printed Tile for Cafe & Restaurant


How do you imagine a cafe? Is it live, colorful, fun; Is it peaceful, intimate, hot? All you need to do is to decorate your tiles in color, café style. Boran Reklam makes it all for you, creating the environment you enjoy in your walk. If you want your Cafe – Restaurant to look like our gallery, please let us know, we will make your own tile ready for decoration and send it to you. Your favourite nature view, impressive animal pictures, logo of your club, marine or pool effect, a Picasso table … Simply choose what you are dreaming of. WHY SPECIAL PRINTED TILES? In the cafe – restaurants, decoration is as important as the quality of service. The more you enjoy your place, the more your loyalty will increase. Create your tasteful, stylish, spacious spaces with unlimited colour, pattern and picture options without having to depend on classic decoration models with FayansArt.

Ceramics - tiling
  • cafe ceramics
  • restaurant facilities
  • Furniture - hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants
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