Dedrive Compact STO series

High overload capability – convenient operation


Our Dedrive Compact STO frequency inverters offer outstanding performance and satisfy even the most demanding drive requirements with ease. They feature not only tried-and-tested reliability and functionality, but also: -high overload capability -simple operation -control characteristics for travel and lifting applications independent of the load -can already be used for 0.75 kW recommended motor shaft output -highly cost-effective thanks to low wear on the drive system -application modules are also available with Dedrive Compact STO

Frequency and tuning devices
  • frequency inverter
  • drive requirements
  • independent of the load

Product features

Outstanding performance and efficiency Low drive system wear compared to line-fed motors
Safety High overload capability: up to 10 seconds/factor of 2 every 10 minutes, for very high peak loads
Individual configurations Programmed parameters for solutions to meet specific requirements

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