HELIO®Clean 2 is a combined conveying-/ mixing-/ and dedusting device for virgin material and regrind. The dust is removed through a 2-stage dedusting system. The compact design makes it ideal for mounting on the feed zone of the processing machine or on a drying container. The separated dust content is sucked out into an external collection bin. Available in 1- or 2-component version, filling is carried out by the integrated compressed air conveying technology with Venturi suction lance(s). Quality: Dust in granules causes lowered mechanical properties of technical plastic resins, leads to problems with surface finish in case of transparent parts, to high rate of rejects basing on smudges or white/black dots in transparent injection moulding parts like for example optical lenses of PC and PMMA. Professional cleaning of resins brings the quality to the original state again and optically perfect parts can be produced.

Plastics - industrial machinery and equipment
  • cleaning granulates
  • dedusting
  • dust collector

Product features

Ionization not available
Dedusting method 2-stage
Material throughput max. 25 kg/h
Filling quantity up to 200 g
Weigth 4,9 kg
Conveyor pipe DN 32
Height 358 mm
Pneumatic connect. min. 6 bar - 1/2"
Power supply ~230V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption max. 15 w
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