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Deflector H120 -


The deflector has been designed to protect the feet of the pallet racks, perfectly absorbing shocks and vibrations and diverting the trajectory of the pallets which can be more easily positioned in the storage racks. This protection prevents the handling equipment from hitting the pallet racks, preventing them from overturning and limiting possible damage. »BENEFITS RELATED TO USE: Up to 90% reduction in maintenance and repair costs, damage to shelving uprights, increased visibility of the structural elements of the shelving thanks to the high visibility yellow color. The polyamide of which the deflector is made absorbs shocks and recovers its initial post-collision shape. »PRODUCT DEFINITION: The deflector with its ring shape rotates around the axis of the shelving upright, thus facilitating the sliding between the pallet to be positioned and the upright itself.

Product information

Anchoring system
Modular height
Installable on Metallic Platform