DéliBelge offers you the best Belgian mayonnaise available in the market. Made from the finest ingredients obtainable, Délibelge brand mayonnaise is ideal for a variety of purposes. Ingredients As Belgian product, our mayonnaise contains over 80% rapeseed oil and roughly 7.5% egg yolk. Our product is available in packaging Glass jars sized 370 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter and also plastic buckets of 5 & 10 liter. Why Choose DéliBelge Mayonnaise? Because it is based and processed in Belgium, DéliBelge mayonnaise adheres to the royal decree which requires producers to use only the finest rapeseed oil and egg yolk. The result? Simply the best mayonnaise available. Of course, not only is made from premium ingredients, but also tastes amazing too! The better question is, why NOT choose DéliBelge’s Belgian Mayonnaise?

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