Delivery Fire Hoses
Fire protection equipment  - OJSC MOGILEVKHIMVOLOKNO


For production of delivery fire hoses OAO “Mogilevkhimvolokno” uses high-performance German equipment that allows manufacturing quality products that meet European standards and fire safety requirements. Fire hoses are produced in accordance with TY BY 700117487.022-2010, TY BY 700117487.045-2013. They are used as components for fire hydrants and portable motor pumps, mobile fire engineering used for water supply and water solutions of foaming agents supply under pressure. Type of hose - synthetic with one-sided inner coating. Polymer material (polyurethane) is used for coating according to Technical Normative Legal Acts (TNLA). Advantages of delivery fire hoses produced by OAO “Mogilevkhimvolokno”: ageing resistance, aggressive media resistance, low moisture absorption, good frost resistance, high wear resistance, elasticity.

Fire protection equipment
  • fire-fighting hoses
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