Our universal cranes give you the certainty of quality, efficiency and reliability at the highest level. Every crane and every crane component reflects decades of crane expertise and reliability as a partner for the industry. Our product portfolio includes single and double-girder overhead travelling cranes and suspension cranes. Besides universal cranes with welded box-section girders, we also offer solutions with rolled steel sections. Our wall-mounted travelling cranes and crane sets, which are tailored to meet specific customer needs, round off our range.

Cranes and gantries
  • Universal Cranes
  • Standard Cranes
  • Suspension and overhead Cranes

Product features

V-type Crane Load capacity
EKKE single-girder overhead travelling cranes Load capacity
EPKE single-girder overhead travelling cranes Load capacity [t]
EPKE-O single-girder overhead travelling crane Load capacity up to 12,5 t; Span
EPDE suspension cranes with rolled-profile girders Load capacity
EKDE suspension cranes with box-section girders Load capacity
ZKKE double-girder cranes Load capacity
EKWK wall-mounted travelling cranes Max. load capacity [t]
ZVKE double-girder V-type Crane Load capacity
up to 50 t; Track gauge up to 35 m; Long-travel speed
up to 40 m/min; Cross-travel speed up to 25 m/min; Lifting speed

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