Demag wheel block DRS

Modular system for tailor-made solutions - Demag wheel block DRS


The DRS wheel block system is one of the most versatile travel wheel systems, and is so easy to integrate into the modular drive system manufactured by the same company. So choose one of the eight finely graded sizes and enjoy a load capacity of up to 40 tonnes per wheel, along with a large selection of wheel designs, which makes it easy to find a product that is suitable for all operating conditions, including any travel rails. Other important features you should consider before you lay out any cash, include maximum load capacity, along with high performance range, high rigidity, four connection variants and a laser alignment system.

Wheels, special
  • wheel block
  • versatile travel wheel system
  • wheel loads

Product features

DRS 112 Max. load capacity 2,75 t
DRS 125 Max. load capacity 5 t
DRS 160 Max. load capacity 7 t
DRS 200 Max. load capacity 10 t
DRS 250 Max. load capacity 16 t
DRS 315 Max. load capacity 22 t
DRS 400 Max. load capacity 30 t
DRS 500 Max. load capacity 40 t

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