This LRS travel wheel system requires no maintenance. It can be used for dependable and rapid drive functions. Transport, feed, transfer, distribution or merge applications can all benefit from using this device. The wheel system is also perfect for OEMs. To better fit a variety of functions, the wheel system can be supplied with different travel wheels and drive units. The LRS system is affordable and comes with tested designs that are ready to install. Wheel loads of up to 6.5 tones and traveling speeds of up to 240m/min can be easily managed by this device. Due to the modular design, it is quite versatile. The device has an excellent quality sheroidal-graphite cast-iron casing. It also features five connection surfaces which provide connection variants.

Handling of goods - motorized vehicles
  • LRS travel wheel system
  • Maintenance free
  • High ground clearance

Product features

LRS 200 A Max. load capacity 2,5 t
LRS 200 F Max. load capacity 1,5 t
LRS 250 A Max. load capacity 3,5 t
LRS 250 F Max. load capacity 1,7 t
LRS 350 A Max. load capacity 6,5 t
LRS 350 F Max. load capacity 3 t
A = Spheroidal-graphite cast-iron travel wheel with two flanges
F = Travel wheel with Hydropur tyre

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Transfer carriage with battery drive

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