PERKOSUN cream is the only deodorant with clinically proven efficacy of 3 days respectively. The cream protects you for 3 whole days. This means that for 3 days you perspire normally without any unpleasant odor. During the period of 3 days you can have as many showers or baths as you like, without using again Perkosun. The most economical deodorant since one tube lasts much more than 2 months.

Beauty products
  • Deodorants
  • antiperspirant
  • body antiperspirant

Product features

controls the development of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria Deodorant that protects you for 3 whole days
No unpleasant odor does not leave stains on the clothes
leaves the skin soft and hydrated economical deodorant lasts 2 months

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Perkosun deodorant cream

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